Achimenes, Smithiantha, Eucodonia and Related Intergenerics

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'Ginger Peachy'


xAchimenantha 'Inferno" flower

Achimenes Species

Achimenes admirabilis

Achimenes antirrhina

915s.jpg (2366 bytes)
Achimenes antirrhina (2)

Achimenes antirrhina 'Red Cap'

Achimenes antirrhina

Achimenes antirrhina plant

Achimenes antirrhina flower

Achimenes candida

Achimenes cettoana

Achimenes cettoana (detail)

Achimenes cettoana flower
1056s.jpg (3458 bytes)
Achimenes dulcis

Achimenes dulcis (Smithsonian)

Achimenes dulcis (basket)

Achimenes erecta

675s.jpg (3224 bytes)
Achimenes erecta 'Tiny Red'

Achimenes erecta 'Tiny Red' (Smithsonian)

Achimenes erecta 'Tiny Red'

Achimenes flava

Achimenes glabrata

Achimenes grandiflora

Achimenes grandiflora (detail)

Achimenes grandiflora (Smithsonian)

Achimenes grandiflora (ground cover at Kew)

Achimenes grandiflora (bed at RBGE)
916s.jpg (2471 bytes)
Achimenes heterophylla

Achimenes heterophylla

Achimenes longiflora 'Chiapas' basket

Achimenes longiflora 'Chiapas'

Achimenes longiflora

Achimenes longiflora 'Juaregia' flower

Achimenes longiflora 'Juaregia' plant

Achimenes longiflora var alba

Achimenes longiflora var alba (Haage)

Achimenes mexicana

Achimenes mexicana (Smithsonian)

Achimenes misera

Achimenes misera

Achimenes patens corner view

Achimenes patens side view

Achimenes patens

Achimenes patens

Achimenes patens 'Major'

Achimenes patens (Smithsonian)

Achimenes pedunculata (Smithsonian 2)

Achimenes pedunculata

Achimenes pedunculata (Smithsonian)

Achimenes Hybrids

'Ginger Peachy'

858S.jpg (3179 bytes)

Achimenes 'Ambroise Verschaffelt' (Wisley)

Achimenes 'Ambroise Verschaffelt'

Achimenes 'Caligula'

Achimenes 'Camille Brozzoni'

Achimenes 'Cascade Evening Glow'

Achimenes 'Cascade Rosy Red'

Achimenes 'Electra'

Achimenes 'Endeavor'

Achimenes 'Evening Glow'

Achimenes 'Grape Wine'

hybrid (flower)

Achimenes hybrid


Achimenes 'Jennifer Goode'

Achimenes 'Klaus Neubner'

'Mac Gem Line'

Achimenes 'Mandy'

Achimenes 'Orange Spectacular'

Achimenes 'Paul Arnold'

Achimenes 'Peach Glow'

'Purple King'

'Purple King' detail

Achimenes 'Red Elfe'

Achimenes 'Robert Dressler'

Achimenes 'Rosa Charm'

Achimenes 'Rosa Munde'

Achimenes 'Rosa Queen'

Achimenes 'Rose Frost'

Achimenes 'Schneewichen'

'Sleeping Beauty'

Achimenes 'Springtime'

Achimenes 'Stardust'

Achimenes 'Summer Sunset'

902s.jpg (3102 bytes)
Achimenes 'Sunburst' (AGGS98)

'Tiny Blue'

'Tetra Meibner'

Achimenes 'Weinrote Charm'

Achimenes 'Wetterlow's Triumph'

Achimenes 'White Rose'

Achimenes 'Yellow Beauty'


Eucodonia andrieuxii

Eucodonia andrieuxii (Smithsonian)

Eucodonia andrieuxii (Smithsonian) 2

Eucodonia andrieuxii 'Woolly MorriÓß?a>

Eucodonia andrieuxii 'Tinctocama'

Eucodonia tinctacoma

Eucodonia veticillata
856s.jpg (3426 bytes)
Eucodonia cultivar

Eucodonia cultivar (Wisley)

Eucodonia 'Frances'

Eucodonia 'Naomi' flower

Eucodonia 'Naomi'

Eucodonia 'Petticoats'


xHeppimenes 'Tezli'


Smithiantha aurantiaca
1042s.jpg (2651 bytes)
Smithiantha canarina

Smithiantha canarina (Smithsonian)

Smithiantha cinnabarina

Smithiantha laui

Smithiantha laui

Smithiantha laui (blue)
1051s.jpg (2312 bytes)
Smithiantha multiflora

Smithiantha multiflora (windowsill)

Smithiantha sp. nov. (Smithsonian)

Smithiantha zebrina

Smithiantha and xSmithicodonia hybrids

Smithiantha 'Big Dots Rule'

1049s.jpg (2504 bytes)
Smithiantha 'Cassandra'

1048s.jpg (2496 bytes)
Smithiantha hybrid (almost double)

1126s.jpg (2203 bytes)
Smithiantha hybrid (white)
1041s.jpg (2977 bytes)
Smithiantha 'Jaguar'

Smithiantha 'Junko'

'Little One'

Smithiantha 'Little One' (conservatory planting)

Smithiantha 'Riko'
1050s.jpg (2755 bytes)
Smithiantha 'Sassy Redhead'

Smithiantha 'Sassy Redhead' 2
1047s.jpg (3284 bytes)
Smithiantha 'Sparkle'

xSmithicodonia 'Behavin'
1043s.jpg (2692 bytes)
xSmithicodonia 'Denise'
680s.jpg (3226 bytes)
xSmithicodonia 'Elizabeth'






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