Aeschynanthus is a large genus of Old World tropical herbs native primarily to Southeast Asia. In many respects, they are analogous to the genus Columnea in Central and South America -- both are most often trailing epiphytes with fairly large and showy flowers which are frequently bird pollinated.

The appearance of the various Aeschynanthus species varies widely. The original "Lipstick Plant", A. lobbianus, has hard-surfaced shiny leaves, with bright red flowers that emerge from a very dark red tubular calyx, in a fashion reminiscent of lipstick emerging from a tube. On the other hand, the popular small-sized and upright species A. hildebrandii has fairly soft leaves and bright orange flowers of quite different form to A. lobbianus. Other species range from the very large A. speciosus and the upright, spreading and almost succulent A. evrardii, to A. micranthus, of manageable size with wiry trailing stems and small leaves and flowers. A. marmoratus and its hybrid A. 'Black Pagoda' have attractively mottled foliage, with interesting burnt-orange flowers.

Like most epiphytes, Aeschynanthus require growing conditions that provide good light combined with well-drained soil that is allowed to dry out somewhat between waterings. Some species, like A. hildebrandii, may be less tolerant of drought, but in general these plants do best with a light watering hand.

Some reference books claim a requirement for high humidity and warmth. While many of the species may do well under such conditions, it has been my experience that many of these plants thrive in fairly cool temperatures, and produce their best bloom when emerging from a chilly winter to the warmth and brighter light of spring. The trick is to keep them on the dry side, and to try not to force new growth with excess fertilizer during the cooler times of the year. I also believe that the cooler temperatures help the plants tolerate the intrinsically less humid conditions of winter -- dry heat is destructive, but a cool dryness seems to be less so.


689s.jpg (2139 bytes)
Aeschynanthus acuminatus
682s.jpg (1965 bytes)
Aeschynanthus acuminatus closeup

Aeschynanthus acuminatus (RBGE)
688s.jpg (3588 bytes)
Aeschynanthus angustifolius
693s.jpg (1968 bytes)
Aeschynanthus angustifolius 2

Aeschynanthus angustifolius (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus arfakensis (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus andersonii
(RBGE 1998-273)

Aeschynanthus asclepoides (Indonesia)

Aeschynanthus batakiorium (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus batakorium flower close-up (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus boschianus

Aeschynanthus bracteatus

Aeschynanthus buxifolius (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus ceylanicus (Smithsonian)

Aeschynanthus chiritoides

Aeschynanthus chiritoides plant
681s.jpg (2670 bytes)
Aeschynanthus chrysanthus
767s.jpg (3670 bytes)
Aeschynanthus chrysanthus
685s.jpg (3901 bytes)
Aeschynanthus chrysanthus clusters
805s.jpg (3975 bytes)
Aeschynanthus cordifolius
808s.jpg (2019 bytes)
Aeschynanthus cordifolius

Aeschynanthus curtisii (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus curtisii flower (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus curtisii calyces (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus evrardii

Aeschynanthus evrardii

Aeschynanthus evrardii

Aeschynanthus fecundus
771s.jpg (5273 bytes)
Aeschynanthus fecundus seed pods

Aeschynanthus fruiticosus (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus fulgens

Aeschynanthus garrettii

691s.jpg (2768 bytes)
Aeschynanthus guttatus

692s.jpg (2104 bytes)
Aeschynanthus guttatus flowers

774s.jpg (3514 bytes)
Aeschynanthus hartleyi

Aeschynanthus hians

Aeschynanthus hians flowers

Aeschynanthus hildebrandii

Aeschynanthus hildebrandii (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus humilis and Aeschynanthus hildebrandii flowers (RBGE)
For Aeschynanthus hildebrandii, see also A. humilis below.  A. humilis was widely distributed as A. hildebrandii, and is still often known by that name.
Aeschynanthus horsfieldii

Aeschynanthus horsfieldii


Aeschynanthus humilis (detail)
672s.jpg (3367 bytes)
Aeschynanthus humilis 'Topaz'
894s.jpg (4157 bytes)
Aechynanthus humilis 'Topaz' (AGGS98)

Aeschynanthus humilis 'Topaz' AGGS02
683s.jpg (4023 bytes)
Aeschynanthus lanceolatus

Aeschynanthus javanicus

Aeschynanthus lobbianus

Aeschynanthus lobbianus

Aeschynanthus lobbianus variegated

Aeschynanthus longicalyx

686s.jpg (2672 bytes)
Aeschynanthus longicaulis

Aeschynanthus longicaulis flower

Aeschynanthus longicaulis flower closeup

Aeschynanthus longiflorus

Aeschynanthus magnificus

Aeschynanthus micranthus

Aeschynanthus species (poss. micranthus)

Aeschynanthus species flowers (poss micranthus)

Aeschynanthus mimetes

Aeschynanthus musaensis (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus musaensis

Aeschynanthus nummularius
778s.jpg (2766 bytes)
Aeschynanthus nummularius
775s.jpg (2758 bytes)
Aeschynanthus nummularius flowers

Aeschynanthus obconicus (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus obconicus closeup (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus obconicus closeup2 (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus obconicus flowers (Malaysia)

Aeschynanthus obconicus on boulder (Malaysia)

Aeschynanthus obconicus (RBGE)
1065s.jpg (1959 bytes)
Aeschynanthus oxychlamys flower
1066s.jpg (2676 bytes)
Aeschynanthus oxychlamys

Aeschynanthus oxychlamys (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus aff. oxychlamys (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus pachyanthus (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus pachyanthus flower closeup (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus pachyanthus flowers (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus pachyanthus stems (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus parviflorus (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus parviflorus flowers (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus aff. parviflorus in nature

Aeschynanthus pulcher (RBGE

Aeschynanthus pulcher on log (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus pulcher

Aeschynanthus pullei

Aeschynanthus radicans

Aeschynanthus radicans (RBGE)
807s.jpg (3379 bytes)
Aeschynanthus radicans (SI)

Aeschynanthus radicans flower closeup

Aeschynanthus rhododendron (RBGE)
1067s.jpg (3460 bytes)
Aeschynanthus roseoflorus stem
1068s.jpg (2133 bytes)
Aeschynanthus roseoflorus flower closeup

Aeschynanthus siphonanthus

Aeschynanthus sp.
USBRG 94-605

Aeschynanthus species

Aeschynanthus species (Philippines)
687s.jpg (2250 bytes)
Aeschynanthus sp. 'Kew Pink'

776s.jpg (2111 bytes)
Aeschynanthus sp. 'Kew Pink'

777s.jpg (1831 bytes)
Aeschynanthus sp. 'Kew Pink' flower closeup
779s.jpg (2744 bytes)
Aeschynanthus sp. 'New Guinea'

Aeschynanthus sp. nov. (North Sulawesi)

Aeschynanthus species RBGE 19881457 (Indonesia)

Aeschynanthus species RBGE 19991927

Aeschynanthus species (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus species (Brunei)

Aeschynanthus speciosus with mealybugs

Aeschynanthus speciosus
867s.jpg (3506 bytes)
Aeschynanthus speciosus (AGGS98)
868s.jpg (2906 bytes)
Aeschynanthus speciosus

Aeschynanthus tricolor

Aeschynanthus tricolor (pink calyx) RBGE

Aeschynanthus tricolor (red calyx) RBGE

Aeschynanthus tricolor trailer (pink calyx) RBGE

Aeschynanthus vinaceus (RBGE)


Aescnynanthus 'Big Apple'

Aeschynanthus 'Big Apple'

Aeschynanthus 'Big Apple' flowers

Aeschynanthus 'Black Pagoda'

Aeschynanthus 'Coral Flame'

Aeschynanthus 'Crimson Bell'

Aeschynanthus cultivars

Aeschynanthus 'Fireworks'

Aeschynanthus 'Flossie'

Aeschynanthus 'Greensleeves'

Aeschynanthus 'Holiday Bells'

Aeschynanthus 'Hot Flash' flowers

Aeschynanthus 'Hot Flash'

Aeschynanthus 'Hot Flash' (Wisley)

Aeschynanthus 'Hot Flash' flowers (Wisley)

Aeschynanthus  'Laura'

Aeschynanthus 'Mandalay'

Aeschynanthus 'Mona'

Aeschynanthus 'Pullobia'

Aeschynanthus 'Ramadan'
819s.jpg (2455 bytes)
Aeschynanthus 'Ramadan'

Aeschynanthus 'Red Cascade'

Aeschynanthus 'Rigel'

Aeschynanthus 'Snow Crest'

Aeschynanthus xsplendidus (RBGE)

Aeschynanthus 'Tiger Stripe'






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