Chirita and Chiritopsis

Chirita is an old world genus, with about 150 species ranging from Sri Lanka and India through the Himalayas into China and Southeast Asia down the Malay Peninsula, with a very few species reaching the islands of Sumatra, Java, and Borneo. A number of the species are grown for their unusual and very attractive foliage, with intricate silver designs on large green leaves. Others are grown for their unusual lavender, yellow or white flowers, usually produced in clusters on long or short stalks.

Some members of the genus seem to require relatively warm temperatures, and moderate humidity. They do well in standard "African violet" soil mixes, although some growers modify these through the addition of substances like perlite or vermiculite.

It is clear, however, that a number of the members of this genus tolerate cool to downright cold temperatures. Toshijiro Okuto, of Kakogawa, Japan, reports that a number of the species he has provided for display on this site experience temperatures down to 0㠩n winter, and respond to the arrival of spring with a spectacular flush of bloom. Even C. eburnea, he reports, tolerates temperatures to 5㮼/font>

John Boggan of the Smithsonian Institute has prepared an overview of the genus, with emphasis on taxonomy. This article may be viewed by clicking here.

Chiritopsis is a close relative of Chirita, and has only recently been introduced into cultivation.



Chirita Species:

Chirita balansae

Chirita balansae flower

Chirita balansae flower clusters (show plant)

Chirita bogneriana (RBGE)

Chirita dielsii

Chirita dielsii flower

Chirita dielsii flower 2

Chirita dielsii plant (RBGE)

Chirita eburnea

Chirita elphinstonia

Chirita fimbrisepala

Chirita fimbrisepala Okuto # 2

Chirita fimbrisepala Okuto # 3

Chirita fimbrisepala Okuto #3

Chirita flavimaculata long neck (Kew)
1028s.jpg (2100 bytes)
Chirita flavimaculata

Chirita flavimaculata

Chirita flavimaculata (detail)

Chirita flavimaculata (Kew)
1060s.jpg (2454 bytes)
Chirita flavimaculata, 'Chastity', longgangensis

Chirita heterotricha

Chirita hookeri

Chirita involucrata (possible)

Chirita lavandulacea

Chirita liboensis (Toronto show 2006)

Chirita liboensis

Chirita liboensis flowers

Chirita liboensis flowers (Toronto show 2006)

Chirita linearifolia

Chirita linearifolia flower closeup
1131s.jpg (2944 bytes)
Chirita linearifolia bonsai
1123s.jpg (2574 bytes)
Chirita linearifolia flowers

Chirita longgangensis 2

Chirita longgangensis flower

Chirita longgangensis


Chirita lutea (detail)

Chirita micromusa

Chirita micromusa (detail)

Chirita micromusa AGGS02
1044s.jpg (2314 bytes)
Chirita moonii

Chirita moonii (Smithsonian)

Chirita pumila

Chirita sclerophylla

Chirita sclerophylla

Chirita sclerophylla

Chirita sinensis flowers

Chirita sinensis

Chirita sinensis 'Angustifolia'

Chirita sinensis

Chirita sinensis 'Angustifolia'

Chirita sinensis 'Hisako'

Chirita sinensis 'Hisako' (flower)

Chirita sinensis 'Hisako'

Chirita sinensis
'Latifolia' (dwarf)

Chirita sinensis 'Latifolia Dwarf'

Chirita sinensis 'Latifolia'

Chirita spadiciformis (Smithsonian)

Chirita spadiciformis

Chirita sp. 'New York' (flowers)
1107s.jpg (3751 bytes)
Chirita sp. 'New York' (plant)

Chirita species 'New York'

Chirita species 'Wuhan'

Chirita species 
(USBRG 98-083)

Chirita species flowers
(USBRG 98-083)

Chirita species (USBRG 98-083) in sun

Chirita species (USBRG 98-083) foliage

Chirita species (Thailand)

Chirita species (Phuket)

Chirita species leaf (RBGE 20022513)

Chirita species plant (RBGE 20022513)

Chirita speciosa (flower)

Chirita speciosa (plant)

Chirita speciosa (flecked leaf flowers)

Chirita speciosa (flecked leaf)

 Chirita subrhomboidea (2)

Chirita subrhomboidea and C. fimbrisepala

Chirita subrhomboidea

Chirita subrhomboidea flower

Chirita subrhomboidea windowsill plant

Chirita subrhomboidea flower cluster

Chirita tamiana (Wisley)

Chirita tamiana

Chirita tribracteata (bract and buds)

Chirita tribracteata flowers

Chirita walkerae  (Smithsonian)

Chirita Hybrids:

Chirita 'Aiko'

Chirita 'Aiko' flowers

Chirita 'Betty'

Chirita 'Chastity'

Chirita 'Chastity'

Chirita 'Deco'

Chirita 'Diane Marie'

Chirita 'Diane Marie'
1061s.jpg (1739 bytes)
Chirita 'Dreamtime'

Chirita 'Dreamtime' flower

Chirita 'Cynthia'


Chirita hybrid (fimbrisepala x species 2)

857s.jpg (3461 bytes)
Chirita hybrid (Malaysian)

Chirita hybrid (subrhomboidea x species 2)

Chirita hybrid (sclerophylla x linearifolia)

Chirita hybrid flowers (sclerophylla x linearifolia)
703s.jpg (2479 bytes)
Chirita 'Kazu'

Chirita 'Kazu'

Chirita 'Kazu' 3

Chirita 'Kazu' show plant

Chirita 'Keiko'
1037s.jpg (2801 bytes)
Chirita 'Keiko' 2
1038s.jpg (2811 bytes)
Chirita 'Keiko' 3
1039s.jpg (2786 bytes)
Chirita 'Keiko' 4
1040s.jpg (2720 bytes)
Chirita 'Keiko' 5
1064s.jpg (3170 bytes)
Chirita 'Moonlight' with flowers

Chirita 'Moonlight' foliage

Chirita 'Moon Walker' flower

Chirita 'Moon Walker' foliage and flowers

Chirita 'Nimbus'
1063s.jpg (2527 bytes)
Chirita 'Sweet Dreams'

Chiritopsis Species:
678s.jpg (2612 bytes)
Chiritopsis repanda var
679s.jpg (2465 bytes)
Chiritopsis repanda var







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