Streptocarpus is a large genus native to Southern Africa. There are two main divisions within the genus. Subgenus Streptocarpus is comprised of plants with typically strap-like leaves, which grow either from an irregular rosette with several leaves emerging directly from the ground, or as a single leaf, the only leaf the plant will ever produce. Subgenus Streptocarpella produces more conventional-looking plants, with stems and leaves, and flowers produced from the leaf axils.

Most of the rosette species are perennials. The unifoliate species are generally monocarpic (they die after having flowered and produced seed once), but may live for several years before flowering. The "caulescent" (stemmed) forms of subgenus Streptocarpella may be either perennial or annual.

The rosette forms of this genus have been much hybridized, and are very popular ornamental plants. In general, they prefer coolish temperatures, and will not do well during hot weather. They should be planted in a relatively open and well-drained medium that is kept evenly moist, never continuously wet. In my experience, they tolerate short periods of drought fairly well.

When I was growing these plants for show purposes, I preferred to let them dry just to the point where the ends of the leaves started to wilt slightly. If I missed by a day, and the whole plant wilted, they quickly revived after receiving water, and appeared none the worse for wear. Even a severe wilting (leaves completely limp, hanging over the edge of the pot) would not usually kill the plant, although it would result in some leaf damage. But kids, don't try this at home. . .


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Subgenus Streptocarpella species

Streptocarpus andohahelensis

Streptocarpus beampingaratrensis var. beampingaratrensis
828s.jpg (2007 bytes)
Streptocarpus caulescens
652s.jpg (3240 bytes)

Streptocarpus caulescens flower (RBGE)

Streptocarpus caulescens(RBGE)

Streptocarpus caulescens variant

Streptocarpus glandulosissimus plant

Streptocarpus glandulosissimus flowers

Streptocarpus glandulosissimus in nature
830s.jpg (2559 bytes)
Streptocarpus hillsenbergii
Streptocarpus inflatus

Streptocarpus inflatus plan

Streptocarpus holstii flowers (poss glandulosissimus)
1080s.jpg (3956 bytes)
Streptocarpus kirkii (Rose)

Streptocarpus kirkii

Streptocarpus nobilis

Streptocarpus nobilis flowers

Streptocarpus pallidiflorus planting (Wisley)

Streptocarpus pallidiflorus  flowers(Bellstedt)

Streptocarpus pallidiflorus  flowers (Wisley)

Streptocarpus pallidiflorus
654s.jpg (3940 bytes)
Streptocarpus pallidiflorus
Streptocarpus papangae

Streptocarpus papangae (stem)

Streptocarpus saxorum (compact)

Streptocarpus saxorum

Streptocarpus saxorum 'Variegated'

Streptocarpus stomandrus

Streptocarpus thysanotus plant

Streptocarpus thysanotus flowers

Streptocarpus thysanotus

Streptocarpus thysanotus flowers
Subgenus Streptocarpella hybrids

Streptocarpus 'Concord Blue'

Streptocarpus 'Concord Blue' detail


Subgenus Streptocarpus species
641s.jpg (2621 bytes)
Streptocarpus baudertii
642s.jpg (2702 bytes)
Streptocarpus baudertii flower closeup

Streptocarpus bolusii on rock

Streptocarpus bolusii flowers

Streptocarpus bolusii plant
835s.jpg (2597 bytes)
Streptocarpus caeruleus
836s.jpg (2242 bytes)
Streptocarpus caeruleus
909s.jpg (3327 bytes)
Streptocarpus candidus plant (AGGS98)
834s.jpg (3396 bytes)
Streptocarpus candidus (Kirstenbosch)
881s.jpg (2998 bytes)
Streptocarpus candidus flowers (AGGS98)
1087s.jpg (2447 bytes)
Streptocarpus candidus flower clusters (Rose)
1086s.jpg (3363 bytes)
Streptocarpus candidus flower closeup (rose)
1088s.jpg (3587 bytes)
Streptocarpus candidus plant (Rose)

Streptocarpus compressus

Streptocarpus confusus

Streptocarpus confusus flowers

Streptocarpus confusus ssp confusus
832s.jpg (3869 bytes)
Streptocarpus cooksonii

Streptocarpus cooperi

Streptocarpus cooperi (RBGE)

Streptocarpus cooperi flowers (RBGE)

Streptocarpus cooperi flowers (Rose)

Streptocarpus cooperi flowers (Stewart)

Streptocarpus cyanandrus

Streptocarpus cyanandrus (AGGS 04)

Streptocarpus cyanandrus (Toronto 2006)

Streptocarpus cyaneus

840s.jpg (3468 bytes)
Streptocarpus cyaneus (short blue)

646s.jpg (2718 bytes)
Streptocarpus cyaneus ssp. polackii

Streptocarpus cyaneus mauve

644s.jpg (2866 bytes)
Streptocarpus daviesii

Streptocarpus denticulatus

Streptocarpus denticulatus flowers

Streptocarpus dunnii
1094s.jpg (3396 bytes)
Streptocarpus dunnii plant (Rose)
1093s.jpg (4126 bytes)
Streptocarpus dunnii
flowers and leaf (Rose)
1092s.jpg (3521 bytes)
Streptocarpus dunnii flower closeup (Rose)

Streptocarpus dunnii landscape

Streptocarpus dunnii in grass

Streptocarpus dunnii on boulders

Streptocarpus dunnii leaf

Streptocarpus dunnii flowering in boulder

Streptocarpus eylesii

Streptocarpus eylesii ssp eylesii

Streptocarpus eyelesii ssp eylesii flowers
651s.jpg (2991 bytes)
Streptocarpus exsertus
648s.jpg (3048 bytes)
Streptocarpus fanninae
849s.jpg (2247 bytes)
Streptocarpus fanninae flowers
850s.jpg (3101 bytes)
Streptocarpus fanninae rhizomes

Streptocarpus fasciatus

Streptocarpus fasciatus (RBGE)
831s.jpg (2870 bytes)
Streptocarpus fenestra-dei (cyaneus)
833s.jpg (4601 bytes)
Streptocarpus fenestra-dei (cyaneus) (Kirstenbosch)

Streptocarpus floribundus

Streptocarpus floribundus
636s.jpg (2943 bytes)
Streptocarpus formosus (standard)
637s.jpg (2902 bytes)
Streptocarpus formosus (pale form)

Streptocarpus formosus

666s.jpg (2382 bytes)
Streptocarpus formosus in nature
625s.jpg (4082 bytes)
Streptocarpus formosus colony
638s.jpg (2488 bytes)
Streptocarpus formosus (pale form) flower

Streptocarpus galpinii plant and flower stalk

Streptocarpus galpinii flowers

Streptocarpus galpinii

Streptocarpus gardneri atypical

Streptocarpus gardneri flowers

Streptocarpus gardneri
640s.jpg (1990 bytes)
Streptocarpus gardenii 2

Streptocarpus gardenii flowers
629s.jpg (3346 bytes)
Streptocarpus gardenii

Streptocarpus gardenii (Ingeli Mts.)
1098s.jpg (3725 bytes)
Streptocarpus goetzii
flowers flowers flowers
1097s.jpg (2818 bytes)
Streptocarpus goetzii plant

Streptocarpus grandis flowers

Streptocarpus grandis ssp grandis

Streptocarpus grandis

Streptocarpus grandis ssp grandis  flowers
632s.jpg (3780 bytes)
Streptocarpus haygarthii flowers 2
1096s.jpg (2638 bytes)
Streptocarpus haygarthii plant (Rose)
631s.jpg (2438 bytes)
Streptocarpus haygarthii flowers

Streptocarpus haygarthii on tree

Streptocarpus haygarthii plant on tree
11095s.jpg (3946 bytes)
Streptocarpus haygarthii flowers (Rose)
635s.jpg (3997 bytes)
Streptocarpus johannis (blue form2)

Streptocarpus johannis blue (Wisley)

Streptocarpus johannis (blue form)

Streptocarpus johannis

841s.jpg (3389 bytes)
Streptocarpus johannis (blue form 3)

Streptocarpus johannis blue form growing on a wall (RBGE)
838s.jpg (3928 bytes)
Streptocarpus johannis (wide flowers)

Streptocarpus johannis atypical flower

Streptocarpus johannis striped

Streptocarpus johannis (large flower)

Streptocarpus kentaniensis flowers

Streptocarpus kentaniensis

Streptocarpus kentaniensis blue flowers

Streptocarpus kentaniensis flower close-up
829s.jpg (2432 bytes)
Streptocarpus kentaniensis (2)

Streptocarpus lilliputana flower

Streptocarpus lilliputana
Streptocarpus meyerii flower closeup

Streptocarpus meyerii

Streptocarpus meyerii

Streptpcaris meyerii flowers (RBGE)
Streptocarpus michelmorei
Streptocarpus micranthus

Streptocarpus micranthus flowers

Streptocarpus micranthus

Streptocarpus modestus

 846s.jpg (2134 bytes)
Streptocarpus molweniensis ssp molweniensis flower stalk

665s.jpg (3601 bytes)
Streptocarpus molweniensis ssp molweniensis

844s.jpg (2574 bytes)
Streptocarpus molweniensis ssp molweniensis (with flowers)

Streptocarpus montigena (RBGE)

Streptocarpus montigena flower  (RBGE)

Streptocarpus montigena x rexii (natural hybrid)

Streptocarpus montigena x rexii (natural hybrid)
839s.jpg (3042 bytes)
Streptocarpus parviflorus var. parviflorus
630s.jpg (3305 bytes)
Streptocarpus pentherianus in nature

Streptocarpus pentherianus

Streptocarpus pole-evansii

Streptocarpus pole-evansii flowers


Streptocarpus pole-evansii plant GS06

Streptocarpus pole-evansii flowers GS06
671s.jpg (1876 bytes)
Streptocarpus porphyrostachys

Streptocarpus polyanthus ssp comptonii

Streptocarpus polyanthus ssp polyanthus

Streptocarpus polyanthus ssp verecundus

Streptocarpus polyanthus ssp dracomontanus

Streptocarpus polyanthus ssp dracomontanus flowers

Streptocarpus porphyrostachys

Streptocarpus porphyrostachys
(Kirstenbosch) polyanthus ssp verecundus (RBGE)

Streptocarpus porphyrostachys flowers

Streptocarpus primulifolius variation

Streptocarpus primulifolius
843s.jpg (2905 bytes)
Streptocarpus primulifolius flowers (eastern range)
Streptocarpus primulifolius (RBGE)


Streptocarpus primulifolius flowers (RBGE)

Streptocarpus primulifolius (epiphytically)

Streptocarpus primulifolius (lithophytically)

Streptocarpus primulifolius (Bulolo Gorge)

Streptocarpus primulifolius large specimen (RBGE)

643s.jpg (2279 bytes)
Streptocarpus prolixus mauve
663s.jpg (3897 bytes)
Streptocarpus prolixus on rocks
664s.jpg (3033 bytes)
Streptocarpus prolixus white

Streptocarpus prolixus flowers and plant

Streptocarpus pumilus
911s.jpg (2598 bytes)
Streptocarpus pumilus (AGGS98)
645s.jpg (2232 bytes)
Streptocarpus pusillus

Streptocarpus pusillus (in nature)

Streptocarpus pusillus (Mhlahlane Transkei)
650s.jpg (4111 bytes)
Streptocarpus rexii (on forest floor)

647s.jpg (3413 bytes)
Streptocarpus rexii (white form)


655s.jpg (4118 bytes)
Streptocarpus rexii massed on slope

Streptocarpus rexii (Mhlahlane Transkei)


649s.jpg (3500 bytes)
Streptocarpus rexii (on rock by stream)

Streptocarpus rimicola

Streptocarpus roseoalbus

Streptocarpus roseoalbus flower profile

Streptocarpus roseoalbus plant

Streptocarpus species (Swaziland)

Streptocarpus species flowers (Swaziland)

Streptocarpus species (unifoliate) (Wisley)

Streptocarpus sp nov 6 (J. Truter)

Streptocarpus sp nov 6 flowers (J. Truter)

Streptocarpus silvaticus

Streptocarpus trebeculatus

Streptocarpus trebeculatus flowers
1089s.jpg (3495 bytes)
Streptocarpus vandeleurii
and other streps
1091s.jpg (3030 bytes)
Streptocarpus vandeleurii plant
1090s.jpg (3196 bytes)
Streptocarpus vandeleurii flowers
639s.jpg (2285 bytes)
Streptocarpus wendlandii

Streptocarpus wendlandii (Wisley)
851s.jpg (3389 bytes)
Streptocarpus wendlandii plants
853s.jpg (2230 bytes)
Streptocarpus wendlandii
leaf back

Streptocarpus wilmsii flowers

Streptocarpus wilmsii

Streptocarpus wilmsii in nature

Subgenus Streptocarpus hybrids:
897s.jpg (3064 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Al's Pal' plant
899s.jpg (2640 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Al's Pal' flower

Streptocarpus 'Bethan'

Streptocarpus 'Blushing Bride' AGGS02
670s.jpg (4037 bytes)
Streptocarpus  'Blue Mars'

Streptocarpus 'Blue Streake

Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Luv It'
r'905s.jpg (2874 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Luv It' (AGGS98)

Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Periwinkel'
882s.jpg (3020 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Burgundy' flowers
883s.jpg (3087 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Burgundy'

Streptocarpus 'By Golly'

Streptocarpus 'Chorus Line'

Streptocarpus 'Chorus Line' AGGS02

Streptocarpus 'Christmas Morning' and S. 'Marna'

Streptocarpus 'Constant Nymph'

Streptocarpus 'Crystal Ice'

Streptocarpus 'Crystal Ice' flowers

Streptocarpus 'Crystal Ice' (Wisley Gardens)

Streptocarpus 'Cynthia'

Streptocarpus 'Cynthia' flowers

Streptocarpus 'Dark Secret'

Streptocarpus 'Essue'

Streptocarpus 'Essue' portrait

Streptocarpus 'Falling Stars'

Streptocarpus 'Falling Stars' flowers 1

Streptocarpus 'Falling Stars' flowers 2

Streptocarpus 'Falling Stars' plant

Streptocarpus 'Firebird' AGGS02
1101s.jpg (3142 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Franken Kerry's Gold'

Streptocarpus 'Gator's Tail' AGGS02

Streptocarpus 'Gloria'

Streptocarpus 'Gloria' flowers

Streptocarpus 'Grape Slush'

Streptocarpus 'Hannah Ellis'

Streptocarpus 'Happy Snappy'

Streptocarpus 'Happy Snappy' flowers

Streptocarpus 'Happy Snowflake'

Streptocarpus 'Happy Snowflake' AGGS02

Streptocarpus 'Heidi'

Streptocarpus 'Heidi' flowers

Streptocarpus hybrid (kentaniensis)
716s.jpg (3030 bytes)
Streptocarpus  hybrid (double blue)
785s.jpg (2833 bytes)
Streptocarpus hybrid (fantasy flower)
1083s.jpg (3455 bytes)
Streptocarpus hybrid (fantasy flower 2)
1082s.jpg (3879 bytes)
Streptocarpus hybrid (fantasy flowers 3)
1081s.jpg (3415 bytes)
Streptocarpus hybrid (fantasy flowers 4)
1085s.jpg (3787 bytes)
Streptocarpus hybrid (johannis x candidus)
1084s.jpg (3851 bytes)
Streptocarpus hybrid (johannis x candidus)

Streptocarpus hybrid (Rose) 1

Streptocarpus hybrid (Rose) 4

Streptocarpus hybrid (Rose) 6

Streptocarpus hybrid (Rose) 7

Streptocarpus hybrid (Rose) 8

Streptocarpus hybrids (Rose) 9

Streptocarpus hybrid (Rose - 'Texas Hot Chili' x vandeleurii)

Streptocarpus unifoliate hybrid

Streptocarpus variegated hybrid

Streptocarpus 'Inky Fingers'

Streptocarpus 'Joker'

Streptocarpus 'Joker' AGGS02

Streptocarpus 'Kim

Streptocarpus 'Kim' plant

Streptocarpus 'Largesse'

Streptopcarpus 'Laura' (Wisley)

Streptocarpus 'Lisa'

Streptocarpus 'Lynette'

Streptocarpus 'Lynette' flowers

Streptocarpus 'Mandy'

Streptocarpus 'Megan'

Streptocarpus 'Mighty Mouse'
906s.jpg (2763 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Mighty Mouse' (AGGS98)

Streptocarpus 'Old Rose Wine'

Streptocarpus 'Paper Moon' AGGS02

Streptocarpus Range, Dibley's Nurseries

Streptocarpus 'Rhiannon'

Streptocarpus 'Rosebud'

Streptocarpus 'Rosebud' (closeup)'

Streptocarpus 'Ruby Anniversary

Streptocarpus 'Sandra'

Streptocarpus 'Sandra' flowers
'884s.jpg (3090 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Strawberry Crush' flowers
885s.jpg (3180 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Strawberry Crush' plant
1127s.jpg (3709 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Susie'
1128s.jpg (2658 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Susie' flower
705s.jpg (3233 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Texas Hot Chili'
878s.jpg (2362 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Texas Hot Chili' flowers (AGGS98)
895s.jpg (3028 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Texas  Hot Chili' plant (AGGS98)
706s.jpg (2603 bytes)
Streptocarpus 'Texas Fantasy'

Streptocarpus 'Thalia'

Streptocarpus 'Thunder Blue'

Streptocarpus 'Toronto'

Streptocarpus 'Turbulent Tide'

Streptocarpus 'Wiesmoor Hybrid'

Streptocarpus 'Wiesmoor Hybrid'

Streptocarpus 'Violet Showers' and sibling






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