Sinningia concinna

Photo by Sue Hodges
Grown by Sue Hodges

S. concinna is one of the micro-miniature sinningias, the whole plant often being 5 cm ( 2") or less across. It is the parent of S. 'Cindy', one of the first of the widely grown miniature sinningias, and has contributed its delicate form and spotted throat to a remarkable number of other hybrids. It is similar in size and general form to S. pusilla, although it has a rosier color and decorative purple spots. The hybrid of S. concinna with S. pusilla, S. 'Wood Nymph', is very popular, as is S. 'Bright Eyes', the backcross of 'Wood Nymph' to pusilla.

Unlike pusilla, concinna does not set seed easily, and is generally more difficult to grow well. It requires high humidity, and does best in relatively low light. An enclosed container at the end of a light bench is a good location.

Several other photos of S. concinna are on the site. Close-ups of a flower may be seen by clicking here and here. A whole plant, part of which is pictured above, shows the perfect symmetry possible with expert growing.  A show plant illustrates an effective use of a decorative pot.



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