Streptocarpus dunnii

Photo by Aart Louw
Growing in nature, South Africa

This photo is a beautiful illustration of a striking gesneriad growing in a natural habitat.  Note that this is quite an open and exposed location, facing north (which is into the sun in the southern hemisphere).  While as much as a meter of rain may fall annually, the location is very well-drained. 

S. dunnii is noted both for its red flowers (the source of all red tones in Streptocarpus hybrids) and its grayish-green single leaf.  Like with many plants of open and sunny locations, the gray tone may help to reflect some of the sun's strong rays.  A closer view of the plant and flower can be seen here, another habitat here and a plant in cultivation here.  The single leaf of these plants can grow to substantial size, sometimes more than a meter long.



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