Streptocarpus hybrid (Rose) 6

Photo by Ron Myhr
Grown by Chris Rose

This unnamed seedling is one of the progenitors of Chris Rose's line of spotted hybrids. Chris has grown a number of seedlings of the cross S. formosus x S. 'Elsi', and in the seedlings with more saturated colors there is a tendency for the darker flower pigment(s) to break up, giving a "grainy" effect. In this plant, the break-up of the pigments is sufficiently pronounced to give the impression of fine spotting. Other plants from this cross can be seen on the site, including the one here.

S. formosus seldom produces flower stalks with more than one or two flowers, and this characteristic is generally evident in the low flower-count in hybrids related to it. However, it also reliably passes on a tendency to large flowers and a dark-flecked yellow bar in the throat.

The spotted tendency can be passed on to subsequent generations, as can be seen by clicking here.

Seedling code (PFEL)101.



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