Streptocarpus formosus

Photo by Ron Myhr
Grown by Ron Myhr

This is an attractive species, with interesting flowers distinctly picoteed in the bud stage. The bright yellow throat and interesting markings, as well as an elegant shape, would seem to suit it well as a contributor to hybridizing programs. However, it is a spare bloomer, seldom having more than one bloom per stalk, with few stalks produced. These characteristics seem to be dominant in the first generation of hybrids, so it has not been a popular parent, at least until recently.  Some hybrids are now being produced, and the spots that appear in the throat of some clones are being used to good effect.

There is a darker form of this species, which may be seen by clicking here.

Until recently, S. formosus was classified as a subspecies of S. primulifolius, and was therefore generally identified as S. primulifolius ssp. formosus.



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